Dos & Don’ts of Online Events

Dos & Don’ts of Online Events

Dos and don’ts. What works and what doesn’t? Virtual programs are growing, particularly in a Covid-19 world where online events have boomed.

All of us – moderators, event managers, and technical teams – are getting more and more experience. By sharing feedback and tips, we will all become more successful. 


That is why I wanted to share my biggest online event dos and don’ts, to help you pull off your next online event! 


DO start planning early. Give yourself enough time to plan your online event – the sooner you can start, the better. 


DON’T make long presentations. Explain to your speaker that he or she needs to be short and concise. Audiences don’t have a long attention span, especially not online. Use storytelling to make the presentation personal and recognizable to the viewer.


DO check your tech. Pay attention to light and dark. When you are at home, make use of the daylight or a special lamp so that you are visible. The setting is crucial to bringing your content and the program to life. In a studio, use a technical team for a professional experience where you can see and hear the speakers clearly. 


DON’T let your viewers get bored. Instead, inspire and surprise your audience by creating a variety of program components.


Do you need help with planning your online event? Don’t hesitate to contact me, together we’ll make it a success! 


PS. Are you following my YouTube Channel? There, I share fun video’s with tips about organizing (online) events. Have a look!


By Emmelie 
Emmelie zipson

Welcome to the world of moderating. Here I’ll share my experiences in short blogs and give you valuable tips!

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