How to choose the right moderator?

Emmelie Zipson Moderator

How to choose the right moderator?

How to pick the right moderator for your (online) event? Do you select someone with loads of energy, that woman with charisma, or that funny presenter who has a lot of knowledge about a certain subject? 

Or maybe that famous person with those curls, what is she called again 😉

Just as with actors, there are a lot of different moderators. Because some have a background in journalism, others work in the television world or have a theater background. 

And there are also experts; they are moderators that know everything about very specific subjects. 

What about style? Serious, energetic, comical? Think also of body language, male, female, non-binary, or a duo presentation?

As you can see, lots of variety and many possibilities. The question is…who do you select?

The wow-effect

Quite a few companies book a well-known Dutch personality. A famous person gives something special and creates a wow-effect for some people. 

But it does not always mean that a celebrity is also a good moderator or corresponds to the message that a company wants to share with its audience. 

Before you randomly pick a famous moderator, find out what others say about earlier collaborations with this person. And also consider carefully what is needed for your event, instead of just going after a glamorous effect. 

Regarding experts, you need to make sure that they can engage with the subject as a moderator. Keep in mind that he or she has to follow the focus of the event and not get lost in their expertise. They also need to have a good connection with the audience.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a must. Take diversity into account, depending on what you want to bring across. Because everyone has their own taste and preference. 

Fortunately, there is an increasing demand for female moderators. Personally, I only lead conversations with a diverse group. Because come on, it is 2022!

In addition to diversity, female entrepreneurship, art & culture, sustainability, and self-development are also important themes for me. They suit me very well, and I am committed to these topics.

Now, to cut my story short, find out in advance what you find essential; non-binary, a female, male a duo presentation, a celebrity, what experience he or she has, expertise, and look at the style. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

Do you want to know more about this subject, or do you have any remarks or questions? 

Contact me by private message, and we’ll work together on finding the right moderator for your event!


PS. Here you can watch a fun video (in Dutch) about how to choose the right moderator! Are you a subscriber of my YouTube Channel? 


By Emmelie 
Emmelie zipson

Welcome to the world of moderating. Here I’ll share my experiences in short blogs and give you valuable tips!

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