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Lengthy events can be hard to sit through when you’re all in one physical meeting room. But, when you have hours-long events via video conference where everyone is just a box on a screen, it becomes much easier for your mind to wander. Do you fall asleep during online events? Do you lose focus or get distracted?

Being an experienced moderator and host for virtual congresses and events, I would like to share my expert tips on how to stay focused during virtual meetings and online events.

Since remote work is becoming more and more popular, we do need to find a way to stay as focused while being at home. Working from home can cause more distractions, at least for me! And I can understand the frustration. The laundry, the doorbell, the mess on my desk and so on… Some people feel comfortable working this way, others find it distracting. But working from home is definitely more challenging!

Four tips that will keep you focussed online

  1. Create a calm workspace. Make sure that you clean up your desk and put papers and other items away from view.
  2. Make sure that you have enough light and that people can hear you clearly. It is very annoying to watch shadows or not being able to understand the online speaker. Check this by having a test video call with a friend or colleague. Check your background and ensure that people can see you clearly.
  3. Make yourself comfortable. Have your cup of coffee, tea, or a snack nearby, so you do not need to get up and leave the meeting.
  4. Have water handy on your desk so that you can take a sip if necessary in case of a dry mouth.

Use these four simple tips and enhance your concentration and focus during an online event. And, trust me, this will benefit the entire energy and atmosphere of the event.

Would you like to find out more about organizing a successful online event? Scroll over to the online event section of this website!

By Emmelie 
Emmelie zipson

What can I say about moderating events or voice-over work?! well, a lot.
Welcome to the world of moderation, live and online.
Here I’m happy to share my experiences in short blogs to give you valuable tips!


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