As a professional voice-over I bring stories to life. With the combination of neutral speech and voice acting, I can make the message abundantly clear. I emphasize some of the words to sound slightly larger than life, as well as giving the sentences the right energy and dynamic. As a result, it may seem, even though I work with a very elaborate script that the text has just been made up, which is of course the objective

The perfect intonation

I voiced my first commercial when I was only 16 years old. Ever since, I have been developing my professional voice. I love using my voice to bring a text on the page alive.

The capabilities of my voice are very diverse. I can do voice-overs casually, joyfully, and commercially, as well as business-like serious and dramatic as well as a consequence of the endless bandwidth of my voice box: female, enthusiastic, direct, lucid, high pitched, low pitched, slow, fast, etc.

Although I was born in Amsterdam, I have an English background as well. My bilingual background allows me to perform both Dutch and English voices fluently.

Voice excerpts:

From audiobooks to podcasts

From audiobooks, animations, presentations, and documentaries. I’ve done them all. You might recognize me from different radio and -tv commercials. Such as, Sloggi Invisible, Lego, Coca-Cola, Philips, and audiobooks of Storytel. My experience as voice-over actress and moderator enables me to perform podcasts as well.

I am motivated to work with companies involved in the contribution towards a more sustainable and healthier world. In addition, I’m passionate about productions concerning personal development and a conscious lifestyle. Every year, I do a few voice-overs for a good cause.
Do you think I can help you?


My (tariffs) as voice-over actress are displayed here.

Are you looking for a (bilingual) voice-over professional? I have access to a home studio*. However, I also visit external studios if you please.

** I record voice-overs with the software Pro Tools and use a Blue Bird microphone in my home studio. Clients can attend the recording session via Skype.


Looking forward to bringing your story alive.
email: emmelie@emmeliezipson.nl – WhatsApp: +31-(0)626198298
KvK nr: 34285061 -​Btw nr: NL001975665B61