What to do when Technology fails?

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The audience is seated. Full house. You are backstage. You walk onto the podium, and you want to start with your welcome words, always an exciting moment, the opening…

And then suddenly: poof, the light goes out. You feel anxiety while the audience thinks that it is part of the show…

The above happened to me during one of my theater tours. And it was not the only time. Sometimes, the lights failed, other times, the sound was not working well.

These incidents have made me realize that the audience usually thinks it belongs to the performance. And although your first reaction may be to panic, there is no need. Just pause, and keep breathing calmly. Because if you are calm, then so will the audience. And that is the same during an online event.

Online Webinar: Tips to Prevent Webinar Technical Issues

Emmelie Zipson Online Event

I recently hosted a webinar, we had double-checked the technical tools in advance. Everything worked, image, sound, etc. So everyone was ready. And just before we went live, technology still let us down, and we had no video.

In the case of an online event, no video means no communication. That is why I would like to share a number of tips with you to prevent webinar technical issues.

If you really want to reduce the risk of an event fiasco from technical issues, speaker confusion or even a schedule that doesn’t actually plan out well, then getting a practice run-through ahead of your live virtual event is the way to go.

Plan extra rehearsal time with all participants to check the online connections.

It is also important to use a streaming service with a fast and available help desk. In my earlier example, our help desk could only be reached online and there was no one we could call. This prevented us from acting fast.

I am an experienced presenter and moderator for high-quality, professional digital events in broadcast studios and remote webinar platforms. If you want to find out how I can host your successful virtual event, contact me for a virtual cup of coffee to get to know each other!



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